Leaked Photos of the new iPhone 6

The word is out (and photos) on the highly hyped iPhone 6 which will be announced on September 9th.  Below are what most members of the media believe to be the most accurate images of the new model.

The most prominent rumor around the iPhone 6 is the larger screen. The screen size has been the biggest complaint among Apple users. The item on the left is the larger iPhone 6. Some believe the glass will be made of a scratch-resistant sapphire.

iPhone 6 Front

The phone is expected to have rounded edges and elongated volume controls. The phone is shown to be much thinner than the 5s model.

iPhone 6 Side

The back looks a little more similar to the fifth-generation iPod Touch than an iPhone. We can expect some improvements on the camera as well.

iPhone 6 Back Comparison

And one last shot of the backplate.

iPhone 6 Back

Most analysts expect to see payments heavily incorporated into the new model using NFC technology (near field communication) by simply tapping your phone to a reader. Better battery life and the possibility of wireless charging, faster performance, and new software featuring iOS 8 are all common rumors circulating the new release.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist Ting Lu and Marcella Chow write that Apple will sell around 100 million units in second half of the year and a record 63 million in the fourth quarter. Below is a table of expected iPhone sales through next year.

iPhone Quarterly Shipments

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